Heidelberg Event GmbH
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69016 Heidelberg
Telefon: +49 (0) 6221 / 58 40 269


Welcome to Heidelberg Event

Experience for yourself Heidelberg’s many facets while enjoying one of the city’s many major traditional events


Heidelberg is a fascinating city that is the home of Germany’s oldest university and a number of important scientific institutions. While many people living here are involved in specialized fields and cutting-edge research, quality of life and a broad range of leisure activities are written large, too.

About Us

Heidelberg Event GmbH is a subsidiary enterprise of the city of Heidelberg that was established with the aim of planning and organizing major events in the city. Although the company is relatively new, its team is characterized by its considerable experience in the relevant fields.


Heidelberg Event GmbH is responsible for the following major events: Heidelberg Castle Illumination and Fireworks, Heidelberg Fall and Christmas Market, The Early Summer and St. Martin’s Day processions, as well as other happenings.

Cooperation and Sponsorship

You could also help to promote and sponsor local Heidelberg events that attract a large and diverse public. Here you can find information about the various ways of sponsoring and promoting such events. The relevant brochure can be obtained here.